Woman speaks out against men who stopped to fat-shame her in heartbreaking video


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    27-year-old Shauna Arocho has been dieting since June last year, and has lost 120 pounds since. She has been working incredibly hard at ditching the ‘bad’ food she used to eat, and has stuck to the diet despite any cravings.

    But during ‘Free Ice Cream Day’ at her local Dairy Queen, Shauna decided she was going to treat herself to a cone – and so she went to the store with her husband, and the pair sat outside to eat.

    Their day was rudely interrupted when a car full of men drove by, stopped in the middle of a busy road, rolled down their window and shouted: ‘Eat that ice cream you fat b*tch’.

    Embarrassed and seriously upset, Shauna ran to her car in shame and broke down. She was crying for a good twenty minutes before she plucked up the courage to take to her phone camera to document on video what had just happened.

    She didn’t just want to make others aware – she wanted to open viewers’ eyes to the severity of bullying.

    ‘I just don’t understand what people get out of tearing other people down,’ Shauna explained.

    ‘You know nothing about my life or my circumstances. What if I had been in such a place that you saying that to me had made me go home and kill myself?

    ‘I’m not in that place, but I could’ve been. What do you get out of making me cry for the last fifteen or twenty minutes?’

    She continued, tearfully: ‘What do you get out of it? What fun is it for you to make fun or someone else? You don’t know their circumstances, you don’t know them, and I just don’t understand it.

    ‘And I think people just really need to start thinking about what they’re saying and what they’re doing before they do it, and that’s it.’

    At the end of her video, Shauna noted that she doesn’t hold any grudges against the rude men – and that she prays for them.