Turns out that most people are lying to you when they compliment your outfit


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    I might not actually like what the other person’s wearing but I just have to say something. It’s like some sort of ‘compliment Tourettes’. And it happens when I talk to people I love, people I hate and people I don’t even know.

    Am a dishonest monster?

    No. Because it turns out that the majority of us do exactly the same.

    According to a new study, 53% of us lie about liking someone’s outfit.


    Does that mean we think you actually look like a pile of dog sick, even though we’ve asked where we can buy your dress?

    No, of course not.

    We don’t do it to be nasty – we do it for exactly the reasons outlined above. It’s all to do with the ‘I can’t take my eyes off you, so I must say something’ urge.

    Most of the time, these fake compliments are given out when faced with someone wearing something a bit wacky and attention-grabbing, and compliments are dished out when we feel awkward for staring too long.

    So, there’s not need to start worrying if your colleague meant it when they said they loved your top today – it just means that you’ve caught their attention.

    And don’t feel bad if you’re part of the 53% of fake compliment-givers.

    Just don’t do a Regina George and start slagging the person off as soon as they’ve turned away. Even if it is the ugliest effing skirt you’ve ever seen.

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