Today is National Toast Day. Why do we need to celebrate toast?


    Today is National Toast Day. Why do we need to celebrate toast?
    Bread in Toaster

    Like toast? Well snap a photograph and stick it on social media.

    Today is National Toast Day 2017 – a day dedicated to making an otherwise dull February a little bit more jammy.

    But why do we need a day to celebrate toast? Here’s everything you need to know.

    How did National Toast Day begin?

    In an age of depressing news, it turns out people like talking about something more light-hearted. And that thing is toast.

    The day was hugely popular last year with it immediately trending on social media in the UK as well as in America.

    Kenyon says that is because ‘Toast makes people happy’. Whatever age you are, everybody loves toast.’

    The best Toast Day tweets…


    Last year was all about the new Star Wars film so inevitably came toast with Darth Vader’s face burnt into it.

    There was also a pretty cool video of Snoopy making a pile of buttered toast.

    The Star Wars PR account has also tweeted a photo of toast with Darth Vader’s face burnt on it.


    How can you take part in National Toast Day?

    Toasted slice of bread heart, , isolated on white background Delpixart/Delpixart
    Toasted slice of bread heart (Picture: Delpixars)

    Get involved on Twitter by tweeting your favourite toast topping (with photo) to @WorldBreadAward using the #NationalToastDay hashtag.

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