This woman learned to love her vitiligo by turning her patches into art


    First-time mum’s body was covered in rashes after having an allergic reaction to her baby

    She began to hide her skin underneath long sleeves and jeans to avoid being made fun of.

    ‘Within a year it had spread to every region of my body, especially my legs which was super noticeable,’ said Ashley.

    ‘Vitiligo appeared aggressively everywhere, my legs, feet, arms, chest and face and the patches range in size, from little ones to big ones

    ‘Around 80% of my legs are without pigment, I have maybe half-way up my knee, then you can see some of my original skin colour on my back it goes half way up so it ranges in size.

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    ‘From there, I decided to start painting actual pieces – I did a flower one and after that I had a world map.

    ‘Showing my skin has made me feel more empowered, I love myself now but there are always days where you’re not 100% there.

    ‘I was always trying to find a way to look at my skin in a positive light, I couldn’t do that before starting this.