This Twitter explains what dogs would have been like in high school


    This Twitter perfectly explains what dogs would have been like in school
    The cool guy. (Picture: Getty)

    Every few days, one deeply upsetting thought stops us in our tracks: we’ll never know what dogs are really thinking – if they’re happy, if they love us, if they have thoughts on the current Taylor Swift/Kim Kardashian drama.

    We’ll never know who they truly are. And that is a very sad thing.

    But one man is taking us one step closer to understanding dogs, offering an in-depth analysis of dogs on a case-by-case basis.

    Presenting Dogs in High School.

    It’s a Twitter account that takes a picture of a dog, looks into that dog’s soul, and explains what that dog would be like if it were in secondary school.

    And while we can’t quite explain why the description of each dog is so good, we know it is. This Twitter is everything.

    We would like to mention that some of the tweets include some offensive language, but we’re going to ignore those for now (although we don’t condone them) and focus on the good ones.

    Dogs in High School is the creation of 25-year-old Bibson Tells, a musician from New York City.

    ‘The page idea actually started with the earth science dog,’ Bibson told

    ‘I just felt like he looked like he could teach earth science. So I decided to start a page called Dogs in Highschool.’

    Fair enough.

    Bibson told us that he has a natural talent for figuring out each dog’s inner high school self – there’s no trick or technique, you just have to be gifted.

    ‘It’s not hard for me to come up with the descriptions,’ explains Bibson. ‘I just think about somebody I went to high school with that resembles the dog and describe what they were like.’

    The Twitter has now grown so popular that people DM Bibson pictures of their dogs and desperately await his verdict.

    ‘People try to be sneaky and DM me pictures of their cats with the dog filter on, but I know the truth,’ says Bibson. ‘I always know the truth.’

    This one is so accurate:


    We all knew this guy.


    Hmm. Sounds familiar.


    This dog was 100% in our class.


    As was this one.


    A classic.

    See more dogs in high school by following – you guessed it – Dogs in High School on Twitter.

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