This model wants all ‘plus size’ ranges to be dropped


    This model wants all 'plus size' ranges to be dropped
    (Picture: Stefania Ferrario)

    Stefania Ferrario is a model who’s campaigning to get labels to drop their ‘plus size’ ranges.

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    Not because she wants to keep larger (or more correctly, normal-sized) women out of fashion. But because she believes that the word ‘plus’ implies bigger than normal.

    Last year, she started the viral hashtag #DropThePlus and since then, she’s gone on to become the global figurehead for the movement which is calling for the fashion industry get rid of sizeist language.

    Stefania, who is currently the face of Dita von Tees lingerie tells Broadly that she wants to be referred to as a model – with no prefixes.

    Not only is she campaigning for fashion houses to drop the label, but also for media outlets to stop reporting on ‘plus size models’.

    ‘I think certain labels do have a negative impact and it’s easier to completely get rid of a word than to try and change its connotational meaning,’ she says.