This little boy’s Tauntaun Star Wars Halloween costume is pretty impressive


    There’s no doubt that this Halloween, many Star Wars fans will be dressing up as their favourite characters. 

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    We can only imagine it’ll be Han Solo and Princess Leia galore.

    But what you probably won’t expect is to see someone riding around on a handmade Tauntaun.

    (Picture: Youtube/Darth Porkins)
    (Picture: Youtube/Darth Porkins)

    What you’ll expect even less is a tiny little toddler to be the one riding around.

    But it’s happened, and it’s quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

    The costume was completely handmade by the boy’s father, Clint Case.

    And it’s safe to say he most definitely deserves a Father Of The Year award for this incredible costume.

    (Picture: Youtube/Darth Porkins)
    (Picture: Youtube/Darth Porkins)

    While all of this little boy’s friends will be parading around in adorable pumpkin costumes, this tiny tot will be slaying the neighbourhood on his snow lizard.

    Let’s hope his neighbours sneak him a few extra sweets in his trick-or-treat bag just for the effort alone.

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