This doughnut shop has come under fire after refusing to hire vegans or vegetarians in job advertisement


    Doughnut shop comes under fire after refusing to hire vegans
    (Picture: Pip’s Original Doughnuts/Facebook)

    Pip’s Original Doughnuts & Chai in Northeast Portland, US, has posted one hell of an eye-catching job advertisement

    Referring to the vacancy as being the ‘best job in Portland’, the shop have offered the potential employee 4pm finishes so that they can ‘have a life’, three days off a week, $12-$13 (£9 to £10) entry wage plus tips and an extra $30 (£23) to give to charity each paycheck.

    Oh, and they pay double-time if you come in to cover someone else’s shift.

    Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well it is… if you’re a vegan. Or have any non-medical issues eating certain foods that are sold in the shop.

    (Picture: Pip's Original Doughnuts)
    (Picture: Pip’s Original Doughnuts)

    In the ‘Basic requirements’ section of the advertisement, the shop wrote: ‘No non-medical, non-religious dietary restrictions that would stop you from tasting, accurately representing our food and maintaining quality control to maintain the highest standards of food safety and excellence.

    ‘We serve products with meat (including bacon) nuts, dairy and our doughnuts contain wheat gluten.’

    And basically, people are seriously angry.

    Many vegans and vegetarians have left comments of disgust on the shop’s Facebook page.

    One said: ‘To not hire otherwise qualified workers because they make a particular dietary choice is unfair.

    A Doughnut Shop Is Refusing To Hire Vegans And They're Calling It 'Discrimination'
    (Picture: Pip’s Original Doughnuts/Facebook)

    ‘I will only support those who don’t discriminate, it’s not necessary that all your employees taste test all of your product.

    Another commented: ‘Haven’t been, and never will after hearing about what a discriminating business they operate!’

    But loyal customers of Pip’s are making sure they stand together to support the doughnut shop.

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    ‘I respect a business that operates in a manner that reflects the wishes of the owners and doesn’t bow to some rather loud, but probably outnumbered, outside pressure,’ said one fan.

    ‘Keep up the good work!’

    In an interview with KGW, owner of the shop, Nate Snell, explained the reasoning behind the job requirements.

    ‘I want people who are passionate about what they sell. If you can’t eat it, how can you be passionate about it?’ he said.

    A Doughnut Shop Is Refusing To Hire Vegans And They're Calling It 'Discrimination'
    Nate is still standing by his word regardless of the negative feedback (Picture: Pip’s Original Doughnuts/Facebook)

    ‘If the employee was to say something like “well, I don’t eat meat or I don’t eat gluten, or I don’t eat nuts or dairy,” any one of those things would preclude them from being able to give you an honest answer of what that tastes like or how good it is.’

    And despite the negative feedback the ad has received, Nate still stands by his requirements.

    He said: ‘Personally, I would rather just serve people well and treat them well and if people are going to be angry, that’s nothing I have control over.’

    But, he is willing to hear out any seriously willing candidate. He noted: ‘If you email me respectfully and say, “I really want to work for you, I’m vegan, but here’s what I propose as a work-around,” I would love to listen to that.’

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