This blog only features inspirational old people


    This blog only features old, inspirational people
    Jörmundur Ingi Hansen, 76 (Picture: Helen Cathcart/Bolder)

    If you’re sick of seeing prepubescent girls in every magazine and fashion blog, then we have just the ticket.

    Bolder – whose tag line is How to Grow Older – is a new online zine which is dedicated to the older fashionista.

    It’s the joint enterprise of writer Dominique Afacan and photographer Helen Cathcart, who set it up originally to counteract their own fears of aging.

    ‘We were scared about getting older – in part, thanks to the way ageing is portrayed in the media – and we wanted to do something that would help us feel more positive about it,’ Dominique told

    Michael Eavis, 79 (Picture: Helen Cathcart/Bolder)

    ‘On a wider level, we also wanted to change perceptions about aging and champion older people who were interesting or inspiring in some way.’

    The zine features an ever-growing series of stunning portraits, each of which is accompanied by a lengthy interview with the subject.

    They aim to ‘champion people over 70 who are redefining what it means to be (older)’, and they find their subjects on their travels or through word of mouth.