These male Kim Kardashian ‘lookalikes’ are throwing major shade at each other on Facebook


    These male Kim K 'lookalikes' are throwing major shade at each other on Facebook
    Jordan Parke (left) and James Holt are involved in a very public Facebook spat (Picture: Facebook)

    It seems Greater Manchester just isn’t big enough for the both of them.

    Two men who’ve both spent thousands on cosmetic procedures to look like their idol Kim Kardashian, have gone in on each other on Facebook.

    Jordan Parke, 25, from Salford, and James Holt, 22, from Bury, started trading blows two days ago after James shared a US magazine’s profile on him, which included a comparison with fellow Kim fan Jordan.

    James wasn’t pleased.

    ‘I’m happy for a two page spread in America, like anyone would be obviously, but why are they trying to make that Jordan relevant in the corner of my story?’ he commented.

    Jordan 2
    (Picture: Jordan Parke/Facebook)

    Jordan hit back, writing: ‘When someone hates you, and you unknowingly pop up and steal the limelight’.

    He later added: ‘3 Sugar Daddies apparently, yet still looking like something from Shameless on Benefits.’

    After the Manchester Evening News wrote a story about their Facebook beef, James responded, writing: ‘Why are you so obsessed with me Jordan Parke?? You that desperate to be in a little article you pick up the phone and quite quotes for free. We are 2 very different people clearly. You just concentrate on your revision and I’ll do me honey’.

    He later added: ‘Can’t help it if I’m the new better Kim,’ before declining to speak to the media on the matter.

    At the same time, Jordan posted this: ‘LOL Howling! You look like something from Shameless on Benefits, I kill myself laughing sometimes ‪#‎DontcomeformeunlessIsendforyou‬‘.

    There have been no further updates for at least 50 minutes but we’ll keep you updated.

    Somehow, we think Kim would be kinda proud.

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