These hilariously tragic illustrations perfectly capture what it’s like to be single AF


    These hilariously illustrations perfectly capture what it's like to be single AF
    (Picture: Mari Andrews)

    Being single can be great. No f*ckboys. No duvet hogging. No one spending your hard-earned cash. But at times, it can seem a bit tedious.

    All you want is someone to spend Sunday afternoons with – is that too much to ask?

    After a while, you start lusting after everybody and anybody. So you enter the dating scene, where you find yourself surrounded by society’s biggest idiots and catfishes.

    If this is you (and let’s face it, it’s basically all of us at some point or another), then this illustrator’s Instagram account is all you need to appreciate the single life.


    Washington-based artist and writer Mari Andrew has come up with a series of illustrations which perfectly sum up both the unexpected joys of single life and the tragic truths of dating.


    And what makes them so horrifyingly accurate is that they feature every guy she’s dated in the past year.

    Mari’s currently working on an illustrated book of essays but until it’s published, you can find them all on her IG account.


    ‘My Instagram feed is basically my memoir of the past year,’ she told BuzzFeed.

    ‘Every guy I’ve dated can find himself in there somewhere. I often draw/post in the real time so usually, when you see a comic about a breakup, you can infer that I just went through one the day before.’


    ‘It’s like the Taylor Swift Model of Instagram illustration.’

    She says that she wanted society to ‘catch on to the secret amazing world of being single’ after reading an article which questioned whether singletons can ever be happy.


    ‘I was so appalled. What could possibly be sad about having freedom and time and space and money to yourself?

    ‘Yes, single people can be happy. I often wonder if I could be happy in a relationship.’

    (Picture: Mari Andrews)
    (Picture: Mari Andrews)


    She doesn’t just cover dating however, but also has comics on feminist topics and everyday neuroses you never knew anyone else thought about.


    Basically, this all just proves you are ~not alone~.

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