There’s an app that lets you order clothing alterations to your door


    There's an app that lets you order clothing alterations to your door
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    The gig economy is alive and well.

    In layman’s terms, we can now get pretty much anything delivered to our door for a cost price, and there’s very little we can do to stop it.

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    But before the business model unravels and we start questioning the ethics of a nation too busy to properly function and offer reasonable job security, we do are attracted to the flashing lights of the Clothes Doctor, an online clothing alterations app which will allow you to get your clothes adjusted at the tap of a button.

    The service, which comprises of a ‘personal concierge’ who will collect the ill-fitting clothes from your doorstep, can see your clothes adjusted with extra zips and buttons for a cost price.

    For those still attached to their five-year-old pair of jeans, patching services are on offer, as well as a moth hole darning service for those who have been victim to the zesty critter’s frustrating dining habits.

    And in true opulence, the items will be returned with beautifully steam-ironed and packaged in reusable canvas bags.

    There's an app that lets you order clothing alterations to your door

    As you can probably imagine, the service itself is operating in the lazy heights of London. Apologies to the rest of the UK.

    According to business creator Lulu O’Connor, the service hopes to be up and running in the entirety of the UK by the end of 2017.

    It’s worth bearing in mind that the couriers are only picking up items in Zone 1, so if you don’t happen to be privy to be studio flat in Pimlico, it might be worth taking advantage of the service during the week — if you know, your boss is a relaxed type.

    But have no fear, there’s also the option of dropping the oddments of clothing at Collect + store for those who run the risk of being sacked.

    Better start breaking those zips to save on some ironing, eh lads?

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