The most hashtagged cities on Instagram have been revealed – and the photos are breathtaking


    Getting harassed shouldn’t be the price of going out for a run

    London isn’t far behind, with tourists keen to take photos outside classic landmarks in the capital.

    Here are the ten most popular cities the world has been Instagramming over the last year – with some of the best shots to demonstrate their appeal.

    #NYC – 70 million hashtags

    New York is pretty, but it’s prettier in the snow.

    @Sananas2106 completed the picture with a bagel.

    #London – 67 million hashtags

    Big Ben and the red London bus are classic sights for those in the capital.

    It looks like @alanisko got in a puddle to take this shot. That’s dedication.

    #Paris – 57 million hashtags

    Anyone who goes to Paris will end up snapping the Eiffel Tower at some point.

    @pautips went one step further and puckered up in front of it.

    #Dubai – 47 million hashtags

    Why stand outside to photograph Dubai when you can snap a pic from the car?

    That’s the logic @faz3 used, and it worked out pretty well.

    #Istanbul – 37 million hashtags

    ‘Vapuring’ comes from the Turkish word for ferry, and is a form of travel enjoyed by Istanbulites.

    @vapuring illustrates the views those in Istanbul experience on their commute – in other words, getting ambushed by the local wildlife.

    #Miami – 33 million hashtags

    Miami – home of skyscrapers, pretty clouds, and awesome balconies.

    Oh, and dream chasers like @tavicastro.

    #Chicago – 24 million hashtags

    White City

    A photo posted by Matt (@chicagomatt) on

    Chicago is one of the largest cities in the US, and its skyline is easily recognisable.

    @chicagomatt is a fan of photographing the city from above.

    #Barcelona – 24 million hashtags

    Gaudi’s Masterpiece draws in two million visitors a year, and it’s easy to see why.

    @architectanddesign has captured the unique spires and ornate architecture that rise hundreds of feet above downtown Barcelona.

    The project is expected to be completed around 2026.

    #LosAngeles – 24 million hashtags

    Los Angeles is famous for its sunshine and beaches.

    @geekshot has captured both perfectly with this shot of beachside volleyball.

    #Moscow – 23 million hashtags

    The skylines of Moscow aren’t to be missed.

    @sunsets.russia has highlighted this fact with a classic shot of the setting sun.

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