Teen wants to take his grandma to prom but his high school won’t let him


    Teen wants to take his grandma to prom but his high school won't let him
    (Picture: Facebook)

    When 18-year-old Bryce Maine’s prom was fast approaching, he knew exactly who he was going to ask to be his date – his grandmother.

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    As his grandmother had never been able to experience her own prom as a teenager, Bryce wanted to be the one to finally show her what a high school prom is really like.

    Bryce, a student at Eufala High School in Alabama, told his grandmother, Catherine Maine, 69, who has been described as ‘the only woman figure in his life’, that ‘every girl deserves to go to prom at least once’, and of course, overwhelmed, she told Bryce a resounding ‘yes’.

    Catherine was so excited for the prom that she even bought a new beautiful dress.

    But her dreams were crushed when the school found out about Bryce’s prom plans and banned Catherine from attending with him.

    Bryce’s older cousin, Sarah Catherine, told Metro.co.uk that Catherine has been banned from going to the prom because they fear she ‘might distribute alcohol to the students.’

    Enraged by this statement, Sarah took to Facebook to explain the situation.

    In a post alongside a photo of Catherine looking stunning in her dress, Sarah wrote: ‘My blood is boiling right now… My little cousin Bryce wanted to take our Grandma to his senior Prom since she has never been.

    ‘Well after she done bought her dress and made plans, the principal decided that they cannot do that anymore… Like really?! Eufaula High School let my Grandma go to Prom!’

    She added: ‘This has reached the board of education, and a teacher has called Bryce as well. They think if he takes Nanny to prom then future students will do it as a joke and make the school a mockery! And basically is wanting him to take this down.. It aint happening!’

    The post was liked by more than 1,000 people and shared by over 2,000 with many using the hashtag #LetNannyGoToProm to express their anger.

    But nobody is more upset than Catherine. Sarah told us: ‘She is heartbroken at the schools decision, and for the school to judge her about distributing alcohol to minors was wrong.’

    Since being told that Catherine will not be able to attend prom alongside Bryce, Bryce has withdrawn his place and is refusing to attend without his Nanny. The pair plan on having their own prom unless the school’s decision changes.

    Currently, Bryce and his dad, Tommy Maine, have plans to meet with the school on Monday morning about ‘everything that has been occurring on social media’ and to speak further about prom.

    Hopefully, their decision can be swayed and Catherine will get the prom she’s always dreamed of – but if not, at least Bryce will be able to show her just how special she is to him by creating his own prom for her.

    Metro.co.uk has contacted Eufala High School for comment, and will update this story if we hear back.

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