Taylor Swift Got Railroaded By Beyonce


    Taylor Swift has been pulling all kinds of bullshit trying to promote her new single about Tom Hiddleston wearing the wrong saddle shoes to the tea party at her dollhouse or whatever. So it makes sense that she also attempted to make a viral video yesterday starring squad member (Kill me. I’m begging you.) Gigi Hadid that got instantly overshadowed by Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement.

    As of right now that video has just over half a million views, which in Taylor Swift’s world is a disappointment on par with not being proposed to on a blind date. In other words, shit is going down. You thought race relations were at a boiling point over BLM? Bitch, you are not ready for Tay v Bey.

    Taylor Swift Beyonce VMAs 1

    “Really, you’re gonna let me finish?”
    “Yes, Elsa. What, you thought you were following Beyonce?”

    Taylor Swift Beyonce VMAs 2

    “And so I want to than–“
    “HAHA, right? Everyone knows Beyonce closes. I’m about to send Solange in the elevator with Miss Brigdehampton Barbie over here.”

    Taylor Swift Beyonce VMAs 3

    “You come at me, you best not miss. Look at Kanye now. Motherfucker is a Kardashian. A Kardashian!”
    “I’m sorry, I peed a little. I’ve never been this close to a black person without my distress beacon before.”

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