Stop bashing Valentine’s day just because you’re bitter


    Stop bashing Valentine's day just because you're bitter
    Haters back off (pictures: Getty)

    I am bored. 

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    What am I bored of? Well, it’s a long list. But joining Brexit, Donald Trump and passive aggressive facebook statuses, I’m incredibly bored of people bashing Valentine’s day.

    ‘It’s not a real holiday’ people tell me, when I say that I’m planning a dinner or buying my other half a present.

    ‘It’s just made up and corporate. It’s stupid.’


    No, it’s not a real holiday. But Jesus wasn’t born in December and Mothering Sunday was actually the one day a year that servants were allowed to go home and visit their parents. So we’re not actually that attached to the ‘realness’ of festivals, are we?

    Of course, Valentine’s day isn’t much fun when you’re on your own. I’ve been there. It feels like you’re the only person in the world without a boyfriend.

    Stop bashing Valentine's day just because you're bitter
    What’s wrong with that? (picture: Getty)

    It’s a constant reminder that you’re not in a relationship. In fact, Valentine’s day can be such a stress for new couples that it’s credited with the cause of Red Tuesday.  But that doesn’t mean that people who are in couples shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy it.

    I’m unapologetically into Valentine’s day. I have my birthday four days after Christmas, so without Valentine’s day, it’s an entire year between days where anyone is obliged to take me to dinner or buy me a card.

    Valentine’s day is a chance for my fiance and I to focus on each other, to do something nice. To be romantic.

    Maybe it sounds middle-aged and uncool but when you’re in a settled relationship, it’s nice, okay? It’s really nice. It’s a reminder to prioritise each other, to take some time away from your day to day life and to

    Getting dressed up and going out for supper, having an excuse to drink champagne mid-week in February. You’d have to be a total monster not to enjoy it. It’s undeniably lovely.

    Okay, maybe it’s because a made-up day tells us to, but there’s nothing wrong with getting excited about being bought a beautiful bunch of flowers or a present. These are NICE THINGS. It is perfectly legit to want and like nice things.

    Stop bashing Valentine's day just because you're bitter
    Why the hell not? (Picture: Getty)

    I’m sick of people acting like I’m a mug just because I like to take part in something that celebrates love.

    If you don’t like Valentine’s day no-one is going to make you celebrate it. You can stay home and cry at the Notebook, or go to a warehouse rave and party until 5AM. No-one is going to shoehorn you into a chiffon dress and drag you to a restaurant with a prixe fixe menu and an offer on half bottles of Champagne.

    You’re allowed to skip the whole thing.

    Stop bashing Valentine's day just because you're bitter
    Cliche? Maybe. But is that so bad? (Picture: Getty)

    What you’re not allowed to do (at least if you think you’re a nice person) is make people feel bad about it. You might think it’s tacky and unimaginative but for all you know, it might be the only time that those two people get to spend together.

    Busy jobs, lack of money, families, distance: there’s all sorts of reasons that couples don’t get to spend much time together, and when they finally do, it’s not fair to make fun of them.

    And it doesn’t make you look cool or clever, it just makes you look bitter. So leave Valentine’s day alone and find something more interesting to hate on.

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