So No More Salt Bae, The Salt Bae Has Gone Bad


    Remember when we found out Ken Bone was a skeezy perv on Reddit, and the “Cash Me Ousside” Girl and her mom are actually fighting people on planes? Well, this is like that, but with roses in a a pig anus, because goddamnit, people. Could we just talk about a good book that you’ve read recently? Or maybe you have some nice pictures of your kids you’d like to share? Alright, yeah, keep that last shit to yourself, too. But what’s Salt Bae putting salt on today?!

    Welp. That was a butthole bouquet. I’ve worked on the internet for over six years, and I’ve never seen that, so I guess there’s a tiny bit of merit to this experience. But I also feel like it’s time we admit there’s a weird, dark undercurrent to every meme. Like this Obama kite-surfing shit. It’s funny, because he’s like an ex posting “my life is great now without you” pics, right?


    This a man who knows shit. The top level shit actually, and he’s partying like the world is ending.

    obama kitesurfing

    Yep, I follow both Savage Society and HoodClips because I’m exactly one of those white guys who’s seen The Wire and thinks he’s dope now. Anyway, what the hell was this post about? Oh right, kissing flowers from a dead pig’s ass. WHY?!

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