Schoolboys pay it forward by stopping to help an 81-year-old man with his garden


    Schoolboys 'pay it forward' by stopping to help 81-year-old man with his garden
    (Picture: Facebook)

    A group of Australian boys have made their school extremely proud after they stopped to help an 81-year-old man on the way back from their rugby game. 

    The children, who are from Cooma North Public School in New South Wales, had been on their way to the bus ready to begin their journey home after winning their rugby match, when they noticed the elderly man moving a large woodpile from the front of his home.

    The pile was so large that the boys could see it would take him far too long to move it all by himself – so they decided to step in and help, along with their dads.

    Their teacher, Mrs Jamieson, was so proud of them all that she decided to take a picture and post it to the school’s Facebook page.

    So far, it has been liked over 77,000 times and shared more than 14,000 times.

    Beaming with pride, Mrs Jamieson wrote: ‘It is gestures like this from our fantastic kids that make Cooma North such a great school.

    ‘Boys, I am very proud of each and every one of you.

    ‘I speak on behalf of all the teachers, parents and students when I say “top work!” It is wonderful to hear that you are “paying it forward”.

    But it wasn’t just Mrs Jamieson singing their praises, as people flooded the post with supportive messages – including Donna, the daughter of the 81-year-old man.

    She said: ‘When I arrived to help the wood was all moved!!

    ‘My parents were so grateful and can’t stop talking about what a fabulous bunch of boys. Thank you so very much. What a lovely thing to do.’

    (Picture: Facebook)
    (Picture: Facebook)

    The school have been overwhelmed by the amount of exposure the post has received – and even more so by the amount of offers they have had from people wanting to donate to their next school raffle.

    The normal bottle of bubbly and box of chocolates is out of the question too: they’ve had offers of a 7-night hotel stay, a restaurant meal and a new stack of new children’s books from firms who want to do their bit in paying it forward.

    Isn’t the world a wonderful place sometimes?

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