'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter' review


    Brian Viner for the Daily Mail


    The word to be celebrated above all others in the title of this nasty, violent, silly film, yet another video-game spin-off, is ‘final’. 

    It appears to suggest that there is no more puff left in the ‘Resident Evil’ sci-fi horror franchise, which can only be a good thing.

    Still, there are some mild treats here for anyone looking for (surely unintended) references to current world affairs. Humankind has been virtually wiped out, but for a few stragglers in and around . . . Washington DC. 

    Milla Jovovich plays Alice – ‘a kind of cerebral warrior-queen’

    And what has caused the apocalypse? Something called the T-virus. I’ll leave you to Trump to conclusions.

    Leading the good fight for what remains of humanity is Alice (Milla Jovovich), a kind of cerebral warrior-queen who can work out logarithms, wipe out armies of zombies and wear out pursuing pterodactyls in a frenzy of multi-tasking.

    Not even Iain Glen’s whispering super- villain can live with her as she searches for the anti-virus that will save what little is left of the planet. She is a female Mad Max. Mad Maxine, if you will.

    In Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, humankind has been virtually wiped out, but for a few stragglers in and around Washington DC

    But British director Paul W.S. Anderson (who happens to be married to Jovovich) is so intent on ramping up the fights and chases that he forgets to give them any kind of dramatic momentum.

    Undeniably, there are some decent action sequences, but without a good story to frame them it feels like watching a stunt co-ordinator’s highlights reel. 

    On the whole I sat on the edge of my seat only to accelerate my exit, idly wondering why the baddies were called Umbrella High Command and why they had made their base somewhere called Raccoon City, both of which sound very unthreatening indeed.