Raw meat cakes are a birthday trend in Japan and they look simultaneously amazing and horrifying


    Raw meat cakes are a birthday trend in Japan and they look both amazing and horrifying
    (Picture: @hazu1121/Twitter)

    If regular fondant icing birthday cakes no longer hit your celebratory spot, then you might want to pop over to Japan.

    They’re proving that birthday cakes don’t have to come laden with sugar and jam.

    What is a cereal dispenser and should I use one?

    No. Instead they come draped in slices of beef and bacon.

    Behold: the rise of meat cakes.

    We’re not talking about crappy meat either. These cakes are made from luxury cuts of raw steak, pork or fish piled up and turned into all kinds of beautiful shapes.

    Tuna sashimi roses

    Beef flowers

    Fruit-cake-like meat extravaganza platters

    All you have to do is stick a couple of candles on the top

    Or a sparkler

    Along with a birthday message

    And voila! More iron and protein than you can shake a birthday stick at.

    The cakes are then taken apart and cooked in front of your party at the table.

    A meat birthday cake of dreams/nightmares.

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