QUIZ: Can you pronounce the most mispronounced words of 2016?


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    But have you been saying them correctly when spouting all your hot-takes and cultural critiques? Or have you been bumbling through each word and sounding like a bloody fool?

    According to language-learning app Babbel, it’s the latter.

    They’ve rounded up the 12 most mispronounced words of the last year, and (helpfully) told us how to actually pronounce them. You know, so we can all stop looking silly in time for 2017.

    The most mispronounced words of 2016:

    • Bowie – As in David Bowie
    • Breitbart – A far-right news website founded by Andrew Breitbart
    • Cisgender – When a person’s self-identity conforms with the gender that corresponds to their biological sex
    • Hygge – The Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures
    • Marion Cotillard – An actress who got loads of buzz this year thanks to rumours that she was responsible for the Brangelina breakup (she was not)
    • Narcos – A Netflix show about Pablo Escobar
    • Nomophobia – when you get separation anxiety from your phone
    • Quinoa – a grain-like seed
    • Rattata – A rat-type Pokemon
    • Roald Dahl – Author of classics such as the BFG and Matilsa
    • Xenophobia – prejudice against against people from other countries
    • Zika – A virus primarily transmitted by mosquitos

    So, can you pronounce these words? Or are you as silly as the rest of us? Try our quiz to find out.

    How did you do? Let us know in the comments below.

    Oh, and for future reference, here’s how to pronounce all of these words – all in one handy place. Don’t look at this until you’ve done our quiz, cheaters.

    How to pronounce 2016’s most mispronounced words:

    • Bowie – Bow-ee (as in, tying a bow)
    • Breitbart – Breyt-bart
    • Cisgender – Sizz-jen-dehr
    • Hygge – Hue-gah
    • Marion Cotillard – Marion koh-tee-yar
    • Narcos – Nark-ohs
    • Nomophobia – noh-moh-pho-bee-ah
    • Quinoa – keen-wah or keen-oh-wah
    • Rattata – RAT-ah-tah
    • Roald Dahl – Rolled Dahl
    • Xenophobia – zen-oh-pho-bee-ah
    • Zika – zee-kah

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