Please spare a thought for the poor giant teddy bear that was abandoned at an airport


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    You know those truly giant teddy bears people keep buying (and that we desperately want)? A mysterious cold-hearted YouTuber decided to abandon one giant bear at an airport, dumping it right next to a bin.

    *Pause for sobbing at the image of a giant bear, sad, alone, and next to a bin*

    The TSA shared a heartbreaking image of the lonely bear, gazing at the floor and wondering what it ever did to deserve such treatment.

    The TSA says that the bear was brought to the airport as a stunt by a ‘popular YouTuber’, who brought along the bear not as a travelling companion or a form of emotional support, but as a stunt to see if he’d be able to bring the bear on the plane.

    We bet this bear isn’t just feeling abandoned right now. It’s feeling used.

    The YouTuber – who hasn’t been named – had bought a ticket for the bear. When the TSA decided that the bear was too large to be brought on board, they offered the YouTuber a refund for the ticket, or suggested bringing the bear as checked baggage.

    The YouTuber decided against checking in the bear, and instead decided to dump it next to a bin.

    How cruel.

    The TSA used the devastating dumping as a chance to remind people to check with the airline before trying to bring massive items as carry-ons, which is probably a wise choice.

    But we are very, very sad about the image of this lonely, abandoned bear. So here are some other pictures of giant bears getting the love they deserve to cheer us all up.

    We’d never abandon you, giant teddy bear.

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