Mariah Carey’s Ex-Boytoy Won’t Go Away


    Remember when Mariah Carey was dating one of her old dancers? No!? But he was such an interesting and awesome guy who totally did not have a Chinese character tattoo on his shoulder! If you’d like a crash course in how to act like an awkward opportunist begging to be “the cool dad”, watch this:

    Now the juicy “gossip” is that he won’t leave her alone and Mariah’s “squad” had to take her phone away so she would stop talking to him. A source told Page Six:

    Bryan is convinced Mariah is still in love with him, and the fact he believes she is having some sort of breakdown has only increased his determination to contact her.

    If you have a life and read actual news, you probably wouldn’t recall that when Mariah dumped Tenaka she cited his jealousy as one of the driving factors in her decision.

    Look we’ve all been in a reluctant relationship, right? One thing leads to another with someone you’re mildly attracted to, but is lacking in the personality department… next thing you know it’s been going on for a month and they’ve left their own toothbrush in your bathroom. You say, “hey we should stop this before it goes any farther… it’s been fun, though!”


    ah, shit