Mariah Carey Wants $50 Million From James Packer Now


    Almost immediately after reports started claiming that James Packer dumped Mariah Carey because of her “extravagant spending” – and possibly cheating on him – her people got to work spreading stories that James is the crazy one and allegedly got violent with Mariah’s assistant. And considering we’re dealing with rich assholes that Donald Trump has taught us do whatever the fuck they want whenever they want, who knows what’s true or not? The important thing is we don’t want to accuse a woman of making things up for money– wait, how much? $50 million? Sonofabitch. TMZ reports:

    Sources connected to the now warring ex-couple tell TMZ … Mariah believes James has cost her tens of millions of dollars, and here’s why:
    — She claims he got her to move from New York to L.A., uprooting her entire life, so he could be near his kids.
    — She claims the incident on the yacht in Greece — where she says he did something awful to her assistant — has traumatized Mariah so much she had to cancel the South American leg of her tour.
    — He made various financial promises to her.

    While those sound like quasi-legitimate reasons an over-priced lawyer might come up with, I probably would’ve gone a different route. Namely sliding this pic across the table and going, “DEM TITTIES BROUGHT RECEIPTS, SON! YOU TURNT!” because I’d be the world’s dopest attorney. You know this in your heart to be true.

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