Man with the surname Forrest keeps having samples of Astro Turf sent to his house


    Mr Forrest keeps having samples of Astro Turf sent to his home
    (Picture: Alex Forrest)

    A man with the last name Forrest was left baffled after receiving packages of artificial grass to his home over a period of two days. 

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    Considering he hadn’t ordered any grass, 20-year-old Alex Forrest, a student at Sheffield University, tweeted several photos of the grass in search of the anonymous sender.

    Alongside photos which saw Alex using the grass for the likes of coasters and place mats, Alex wrote: ‘Right, has someone put me down to get samples of astroturf?

    ‘This is the second delivery in two days and I’m running out of things to do with them.’

    Man with surname Forrest keeps having samples of astroturf sent to his house Credit: Alex Forrest
    (Picture: Alex Forrest)

    Alex’s tweet received over 600 retweets and 1,000 likes before his friend, Matt Shortall, finally owned up to the prank.

    Alex had had no inkling that it could be his friend playing tricks.

    ‘He was trying to confuse me more than anything I think,’ Alex tells

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