It’s Joseph Fiennes As Michael Jackson Because Life Is A Hellscape


    A lot of awful shit has happened since January 2016. From everyone cool dying to the presidential equivalent of Kim Kardashian – right down to the pee stuff – winning the election. So most of you probably forgot about the kerfluffle over Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson in a British TV movie because of that time when Michael used to be black, or something. I certainly did. So here’s the trailer for Urban Myths because they definitely went ahead with that shit, and goddammit.

    Here’s the first image, which honestly isn’t that bad unless you’re Macaulay Culkin or Corey Feldman. In which case, why the hell would you even click on this? He’s dead. You’re free now!

    joseph fiennes michael jackson

    And here’s where things go pear-shaped:

    joseph fiennes michael jackson

    What in the fuck is that? That’s not Michael Jackson. That’s Perry Farrell wearing Frankenstein make-up, and Jesus Christ, I’m turning into Dennis Miller now. Which makes two references anyone under the age of 30 didn’t get. I’m really awesome at this.

    Hey, remember ska? *crawls back into the boiler room where I belong*

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    Photos: SkyAir/YouTube