Iggy Azalea Is Single


    The primary focus of any Iggy Azalea post on this site has always been her giant ass, and since I’m not one to rock the boat, I’m gonna toss this in here up front just to get that requirement out of the way:

    Iggy Azalea Butt Swimsuit Instagram

    I’m also supposed to tell you that she dumped Nick Young because of trust issues, essentially confirming that he’s a dirt dick cheater, but that’s a detail about a relationship that I couldn’t care less about. So I’m just going to pivot back to our prime directive — Oh my God, Fish! I think I did a nerd reference right!! — and just toss a bunch of photo galleries of her giant ass down here.  *hold up peace sign* May the force live long an prosp– *gets knocked out by Hulk hand*

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    Photo: Instagram