If you’re on the pill there’s no reason to have your ‘period’


    If you're on the pill there's no reason to have your 'period'
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    If someone told you that you could go without ever having your period, without it negatively affecting your body or your future ability to have children, you’d bite their hand off, right? 

    Well, the thing is, you may or may not know this, but if you’re on the pill, you’re not actually having a real period anyway.

    What you’re experiencing is a ‘cosmetic’ period, designed to mimic a real period, with all the fun mess and misery of menstruation, but without any purpose. It’s called a ‘withdrawal bleed’ and it’s caused by stopping taking the medication.

    Why? Well, rumour has it that the chemists who developed the formula for the pill felt that women would prefer to keep their periods, that taking a medication that made them go away might be a bad thing. That women would prefer to have their periods. Even though they don’t need to.

    We can only assume that there wasn’t a single woman in that room. Not even a typist or a receptionist. Because if there had been, things would be very different.

    If you're on the pill there's no reason to have your 'period'
    WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT THIS? (Picture: Getty)

    Anyway, back to the pill. Yes, you’re not actually having a real period when you’re on it, just the illusion of one.

    Most women only find this out if they decide to run their pill backs together (back to backing) so their period doesn’t happen at all. If you’ve done that, and consulted a doctor about it, the chances are they will have told you that it’s not a problem, because what you’re skipping isn’t even a real period.

    A period is the body removing an egg, and the uterine lining. Because when you’re on the pill you don’t ovulate (your body believes you are, which means you don’t ovulate, which means that you can’t get pregnant) there’s no egg for your body to get rid of.

    So if you’d like to back-to-back your pill packets, there’s no reason to. And if you’d like to expend some energy feeling angry that pharmaceutical companies haven’t created a pill which lets you forgo periods without damaging your body or fertility, be our guest.

    We’re right there with you.

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