Here’s what the homes inside London’s Barbican look like and the people who live there


    Here's what the amazing homes inside London's Barbican look like
    (Picture: Arcaid/UIG via Getty Images)

    Anyone who’s ever wandered by or into the Barbican knows that it’s an odd set-up.

    It’s a strangely arresting collection of buildings, with towers, foliage and red brick flooring.

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    It’s got a café, a gallery, a concert hall.

    It’s also got loads of people who live there – almost 4,000 in fact. And it’s really difficult to imagine domestic spaces in such a strang environment.

    But now you don’t have to, because photographer and Barbican resident Anton Rodriguez has been making a study of his neighbours – their apartments, the way they live and express themselves through decor, furniture and possessions.

    Anton has snapped 25 different kinds of apartments to give us a sneak peak into what lies behind the concrete.

    The estate has a special Barbican key known as the ‘Magic Key’, which is only given to residents. It can unlock areas which the public isn’t privy too – areas where the community unwind in private.

    Now, Anton has cut us a copy of his key so we too can go ~beyond the concrete~.

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