'He gets too dizzy from all the spins': Strictly survivor Ed Balls' dance partner Katya Jones reveals WHY he almost dropped her during routine


    Ed Balls’ Strictly dance partner Katya Jones has revealed he gets dizzy and has to lie down in rehearsals – helping to explain why he almost dropped her on Saturday’s show. 

    The former Labour MP, 49, messed up a lift in his American Smooth, grabbing the Russian by the crotch before stumbling around and nearly dropping her. 

    And now Katya, 27, has explained that Ed gets mentally tired from concentrating in rehearsals and that he needs a cup of tea to stave off his sickness after spinning around.

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    Ed over heels: Katya put on a brave face when Ed almost dropped her on Saturday’s show

    Katya told the Sun: ‘When he’s tired he tries to distract me with a tea break. He says, “Right, tea break!” and so I go off and make him a tea. 

    ‘And then he gets too dizzy from all the spins and turns so he has to lie down and starts feeling sick.

    ‘He just gives me an evil look like, “Oh my god”.’     

    Fiery reply: it seems Ed Balls is a lively character on a night out – as he offered to hoist Craig Revel Horwood into the air after the judge criticised him

    Involved in Saturday’s dance were three lifts and after the performance Ed took it upon himself to show off a lift once again, clumsily hoisting partner Katya onto his shoulders, before spinning around precariously.

    Ed almost stumbled and nearly dropped Katya on the floor as he struggled to retain his balance. 

    Balls, who had started his routine as a hitch-hiker looking for a lift, was told by judge Bruno Tonioli: ‘I think that was a ride that nearly ended in disaster.’ 

    ‘One thing’s for sure, you’re never going to join the Royal Ballet. I thought you were going to drop her but a Titanic effort,’ he added. 

    Out on a limb: He lifted her clumsily

    At last we have lift off: The spinning began after Ed eventually hoisted Katya up

    Then Craig chipped in: ‘It was the antithesis of smooth, plodding, pedestrian, fighting each other, one too many lifts including an horrific one.’

    But Ed had a fiery reply of his own: ‘It’s a really good lift – I could do it to you as well I think.

    Craig was witty in response, joking: ‘We could try that in the bar I think,’ much to the delight of the audience.  

    Cringe: Craig was not overly pleased with Ed’s dance moves

    Highlight of the night: Ed Balls performed the American Smooth to (Is This The Way To) Amarillo by Tony Christie

    Bruno was harsh, saying: ‘One thing’s for sure, you’re never going to join the Royal Ballet. I thought you were going to drop her but a Titanic effort’

    Smiling star: Ed was enjoying his time on the dance floor, despite his haphazard moves

    Later Ed reflected: ‘I loved doing the lift – we invented it this week and I wanted to dedicate it to Tony Curtis sand Peter Kay but after that maybe I won’t.’ 

    He also admitted: ‘I had my first spray tan – the question is if I come back do I do a Jeremy Vine – the full lot.’

    The former Labour MP scored 2, 6, 6, 4 for a measly total of 18 points, once again coming bottom of the leader-board – but he made it through to the next round due to the public vote.

    Harsh words: The former Shadow Chancellor was savaged by the judges