Dog who’s up for adoption sparks Photoshop battle with bizarre pose


    Not all animals need funny descriptions when looking to be re-homed – for some, being hilarious just comes naturally. 

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    Much like this dog, who was photographed pulling a hilarious pose; shrugging his shoulders as if to say: ‘What the f*** is happening?’

    The photo was posted to Facebook by a friend of Reddit user zzzman82 in hopes of getting him adopted.

    But zzzman82 saw it as the perfect opportunity to give the users of Reddit a giggle – and so he posted it to the community.

    But the photo didn’t just end up leaving users in hysterics – oh no, instead, it sparked a Photoshop battle. And we love a Photoshop battle – especially when it features dogs.

    People were coming in from all angles to position the dog into the most hilarious of scenarios – and below are some of the funniest attempts posted.

    We all make this face when someone walks in on us on the toilet



    This one’s just brilliant



    ‘What do you think you’re doing, Jack? Put me down immediately!’

    (picture: THAIFIGHTER_/REDDIT)


    Someone needs to give this dog a job in a restaurant

    (picture: NICOSUAVE95/REDDIT)
    (Picture: NICOSUAVE95/REDDIT)


    We never thought we’d see the day cats and dogs got on

    (Picture: SCITEACH44/REDDIT)
    (Picture: SCITEACH44/REDDIT)


    Now this is just downright creepy



    This dog is definitely on the Dark Side

    (picture: FOREKUS/REDDIT)
    (Picture: FOREKUS/REDDIT)


    ‘Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s that dog doing its weird shoulder thing!’



    And finally: Have fun having nightmares tonight.

    (Picture: TMICKYD/REDDIT)
    (Picture: TMICKYD/REDDIT)

    If you were wondering whether the puppy was permanently stuck in this position – don’t worry, he’s not. It’s only when he’s confused about something or doesn’t quite understand why someone’s decided to invade his personal space.

    Otherwise, he’s actually pretty adorable – here’s a photo of him being his normal, sweet self:

    With a photo as sweet as that one, it’s a wonder how he’s still up for adoption.

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