Daniel Craig Is Probably Still James Bond If Anyone Gives A Shit


    The door for Daniel Craig to continue playing James Bond until he’s 185 is always open since every time he’s in one they make a bajillion dollars. But he consistently gets fucked up while shooting them because I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but they’re really fond of throwing the actual Daniel Craig through walls and off of buildings and shit. Not surprisingly, that led to him making an offhand comment after wrapping Spectre about wanting to slit his wrists instead of making another one ,and the internet immediately shit its pants and started yelling “Idris Elba!” Which admittedly would be cool, but was a crazy long shot because remember the part about the bajillion dollars? So now Naomie Harris is chiming in to basically let Daniel Craig know that the dump truck of cash is ready, they just need to know where he wants it delivered. Via Just Jared:

    “I think there’s a very good chance that Daniel will come back. I think it’s way too early to be thinking about other people at this stage,” Naomie added. “I think the fact that the last two Bonds – Spectre and Skyfall – have been the highest-grossing Bond movies of all time shows that people love him as Bond, and they desperately want him to return. And I don’t think Daniel is immune to that… I think he’s very aware, so I think that adds an extra level of pressure. But he has to ultimately do what feels right to him.”

    So there’s your huge scoop. Daniel Craig will probably be Bond again because money. And just so I didn’t waste your time completely, here’s a picture of him with a mustache and Hugh Jackman.

    Daniel Craig Hugh Jackman

    “I was supposed to be Bond, you know.”
    “I know, Hugh.”
    “Turned it down. People say I’m gay, but I’m not, you know.”
    “I know, Hugh.”
    “You wanna hang out after this?”
    “No, Hugh.”

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