Create a Rudolph the reindeer bun with this tutorial


    This cute Christmas party hair look, inspired by everyone’s favourite reindeer, couldn’t be simpler.

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    Our adorable Rudolph reindeer bun is a great festive do for all ages.

    Better yet even a hair novice can recreate it.

    All you need is a comb, brush, hair grips, elastic bands, hair spray and, of course, plenty of Christmas hair accessories.

    You’ll need to stop by your local arts and crafts or stationary shop, or go online for the key components (a pom pom, googly eyes and a pipe cleaner), but once you have them it couldn’t be easier.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create your very own Rudolph the reindeer bun.

    1. Brush the hair back into a ponytail.

    2. Use a mist of hair spray to keep fluffy hair under control.

    3. Create your bun by twisting your pony tail until you have the shape of a bun.

    Fix the bun in place (Picture: Metro)
    Fix the bun in place (Picture: Metro)

    Secure the hair with enough hair grips to hold well.

    Try to use hair grips the same colour as your hair.

    4. Now for the fun part – decorate the hair.

    Start with a little red nose in the middle (Picture: Metro)
    Start with a little red nose in the middle (Picture: Metro)

    Push a hair grip through a red pom pom and secure it in the middle of the bun for the nose.

    Stick googly eyes at the top of the bun and finish by adding antlers made out of a pipe cleaner.

    We used pompoms, googly eyes and pipe cleaners from this Christmas craft set from Cass Art.

    Secure with hairspray.

    Ta-da! (Picture: Metro)
    Ta-da! (Picture: Metro)

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