Courtney Love Thinks She’s Marlon Brando’s Granddaughter


    This is why antibiotics don’t work anymore, isn’t it?

    For years, Courtney Love has claimed she believes Marlon Brando is her grandfather based on the fact that he lived with her grandmother for a short period of time. But probably also because he slept with every woman who got near him, fathered a thousand kids, and was completely insane. So this actually checks out. Except Love’s grandmother, Paula Fox, died before ever confirming or denying it, so the mystery remains. But she did talk a whole lot of shit about how she hated Courtney, so let’s look at that instead. Via Page Six:

    Love’s protracted investigation evidently irked Fox, who told the Observer in 2013: “She’s awful, she’s awful. She’s terrible! I met with her for an hour, and the hour was like an hour in the devil’s pocket, for both of us.”
    Love said at the time, “Paula’s absolute dislike of me is shocking and inexplicable.”

    Aside from officially declaring my love for Courtney Love’s dead grandma, I would just like to point out how ridiculous it is for Courtney to not recognize that people don’t like her. And to do that, I’d like to now show you photographic evidence of exactly that.

    Courtney Love Asian Dude
    Blurry Asian dude saying it all.

    Courtney Love
    Someone’s aunt ready to stab herself if she hears one more thing about “that moocher Dave Grohl.”

    Courtney Love Frances Bean
    Frances Bean curve game on point AF.

    I only had to go two pages deep on Getty Images for these. That’s how easy this was.

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