Can a poem help you land your next job?


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    Almost everyone gets nervous before a job interview, especially if it is one you really care about.

    My mum’s advice to combat nerves is to have a shot of of liquor before you go in (sorry, Mum). Others will tell you to picture your prospective employers naked.

    None of this has ever really worked for me, but I do think it can help to make light of any stressful situation – job interviews included.

    So could the poem tactic work? Poem a job interview is a fantastic new tag sweeping Twitter. From the self-deprecating to the slightly too honest, these tweets will make you feel a little better about any past mishaps or future nerves.

    If we can’t laugh at ourselves then what have we got?

    Here are some of our favourites:

    When you’re feeling a little overqualified


    Startup employers, take note

    We’ve all been there


    A little too honest, perhaps?


    For all the book lovers

    I’m sure this one comes up all the time

    God speed, job seekers.

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