Brunch Goes Bompton: The 40 oz. Rosé


    Brace yourselves for a horde of wasted white girls this summer: A French winery is bottling rosé in 40 ounce bottles. The quick-stop sommeliers over at 40 Ounce Wines decided that rosé-lovers were tired of that boring old 750ml wine bottle that we’ve been seeing since… forever… and they needed something new, something modern, something “black-looking”.

    I can only imagine them sitting around their chateau saying something like, “Magnifique! DeuxPac would be so proud!” while twerking and eating brie. I bet even Rachel Dolezal would find this to be a bit much. Maybe the folks over at 40 Ounce Wine should hit up Kendall Jenner to give her another chance at stopping racial injustice with beverages.

    Right now you can only buy them in the most gangster of U.S. wine markets, like Colorado, California, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. These are also the only states that have laws against punching someone in the face for playing ‘Edward 40-hands’ with wine so that helps too. I just hope they don’t package them in brown paper–


    … goddammit!!

    Side note: if anyone has any good recipes for ricotta pancakes, please share in the comments below – I think they’d go great with this 40 of muscadet…