Best alternative Valentines Day bouquets when flowers are too cliche


    Being presented with flowers on Valentines Day can be great, especially if you’re with someone new, or the most your partner usually remembers to do is clean the bathroom every week.

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    Sometimes they can get a bit boring – and besides, they only last for a few days, maybe a week or two tops if it’s a more expensive bunch.

    For those looking for a bouquet that’s original, fun – or even edible – your search is over.

    From pretzels to photos, here’s a round-up of the best alternative bouquets you can get that special someone this Valentine’s Day.

    Pretzel bouquet

    If you’ve got a night in planned this Valentines Day, why not kick back and relax with some delicious pretzels, conveniently arranged into a romantic bouquet?

    Button bouquet

    If you usually forget to buy a Valentine’s gift, buy this bouquet and tell your partner to button it.

    Candy bouquet

    Late-night chocolate runs are a thing of the past. Just pick a sweet treat off this edible bouquet.

    Bacon bouquet

    There’s no need to cook bacon for breakfast this Valentines Day – it’s already here, on this tasty bouquet.

    Wine bouquet

    No need to go out for booze, take your pick of wine from this alcoholic arrangement.

    Chicken nuggets bouquet


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    The best boyfriend ever gave his girlfriend a bouquet of chicken nuggets, and now you can too.

    Teddy bouquet

    Make up for years of forgetting to buy a teddy on your anniversary by presenting your partner with an ENTIRE BOUQUET OF THEM.

    Fruit bouquet

    Not only does it look good, but it’s also healthy. Win-win.

    Lollipop bouquet

    For the candy lover in your life.

    Photo bouquet

    Customise this bouquet with pictures of you and your partner to create an original and thoughtful gift.

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