Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Are Back Together? F*ck It, Why Not?


    “Chahleen, why are we so fackin’ ahnge?”
    “My ass told me in the future it’ll be quite in style. And one day, you’ll be Batman.”
    “No fackin’ way…”

    Even though there’s absolutely no way in hell this is happening, Radar reports Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are back together and “hotter than ever.” Which if true, would presumably put a dent in my Ben Affleck listens to shitty music while vaping and trying to talk himself into suicide running gag, except surprise! He wanted to kill himself back then, too.

    ben affleck jennifer lopez
    “Ben, whatcha thinkin’?”
    “That I want to go back to the fackin’ hotel and listen to fackin’ Slipknaht.”
    “I actually met them once.”
    “Fack you.”

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    Photo: Getty