Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Had A Date Night, It Was Fine


    When we last left Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner they were having an emotional conversation that ended with the greatest emotion of them all: A photograph I could make a blowjob joke about. I actually cried. And now here they are having a dinner date without the kids, so maybe watching Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fall apart rekindled their romance. Or made them realize how much shit the other one has on their phone. Hollywood’s weird.

    ben affleck jennifer garner date night
    “Just walk way up there and no one will know we’re here. Trust me.”

    ben affleck
    “Ben Affleck!”
    “We can still see you if you don’t move.”

    ben affleck jennifer garner
    “Alright, Jon Gosselin, I pay you to drive, not mace the photographers.”
    “She won’t let me see my kids, Ben!”

    ben affleck jennifer garner date night
    “Fuck… what was in that vape pen?”
    “I just want to be alone listenin’ to Beefhaht!”

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    Photos: AKM-GSI