August Horoscope 2017: What to expect for 17-31 August


    August Horoscope 2017: What to expect for the next two weeks
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    Like a typical summery August, mixed with hot sunny days and threatening dark clouds and thunder storms, your astrological late August is a mix of still days and alarming lightning.

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    In almost all the signs Venus is causing trouble and doing her best to bring the doom.

    Some of you will feel this drop in mood more than others, and much of it depends on who you have working on your side. Mercury is a hero later this month, evening the balance and bringing good things.

    But for most of you, the fight between light and dark leaves your days a little grey with not much happening either way. Sounds boring, right?

    It’s a great time to work on your inner selves and to try to be your own best friend. Make sure you’re all talking and letting those around you know your mood isn’t their fault, no matter how sh*tty you behave.


    August Horoscope 2017: What to expect for the next two weeks
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    It’s a straight out punch-up between Venus and the sun, on your side, and Saturn and Mars in the other corner.

    This astrological tension will bring about some curious effects for you around 25 August.

    In your home life something will happen that pushes your buttons and hits a weak spot in you. Whatever this is and whoever’s doing the pressing, it will actually turn out to be a positive thing, if you can only find some patience.

    It might hurt at first, but it’s going to force you to see things in a different way and open your eyes.

    At work someone will unintentionally cause you trouble. The question isn’t so much what do you do about this, but why did it happen in the first place? Could it POSSIBLY be partly your fault, you think?


    August Horoscope 2017: What to expect for the next two weeks
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    With Venus, Pluto, and Saturn all working against you later this month, it might look a bit rough.

    However, the moon is on your side and is strong enough to counter most of the bad vibes. Most of them.

    It will still feel like you’re fighting the tide at times, especially in your home life. You won’t be the focus of tensions, but you can’t help but be involved when it’s going on around you.

    At work it’s going to feel muddled and foggy and you’ll no longer be sure of where you’re heading.

    Any Taureans who are self-employed will find it especially challenging in August. Try to recognise what the real issues are and which you are blowing out of all proportion.


    August Horoscope 2017: What to expect for the next two weeks
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    Mercury and Saturn will be working together in August to bring you good energy and positivity. This dream team will divide their time equally, Mercury taking your work life and Saturn covering your personal life.

    Mercury is going to concentrate on opening up opportunities and bringing you work. The only downside to this is, you may end up with more work than you can handle. Don’t suffer in silence, you martyr, you, but delegate and ask for help.

    Meanwhile Saturn is concentrating its power on the inner you. This is the time to focus on your inner happiness and fulfilment, regardless of what else is or isn’t happening in your private life. Do things that satisfy you, meditate if it helps, and feed your creativity.


    August Horoscope 2017: What to expect for the next two weeks
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    The moon is leading your house in late August and will bring every other planet onside except Saturn. This will lead you to be a shining light at work and you’ll achieve more than you thought possible.

    Just be careful you don’t get too carried away and take on too much. Self-belief is a great thing, but delusions and miscalculations will lead you to ruin what’s otherwise a positive time.

    In your personal life you’re going to be attractive and alluring to many people.

    If you’re single this is great and you can take it where you want, but if you’re not you’re going to have keep control of the situation. It’s great to be wanted, but quality is better than quantity.


    August Horoscope 2017: What to expect for the next two weeks
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    Mercury, Pluto, and Uranus will all turn coat this month, from being against you, to being your ally. This curious situation will bring you increased energy and optimism around 18 August.

    Nevertheless, at work you might be better off concentrating on smaller tasks and details behind the scenes, rather than trying to pull off major projects and standing in the spotlight. You can be sure you’ll get the smaller aspects right, but the big issues will have to wait.

    At home you should put your energies into keeping your significant other happy and keeping the balance in your lives.

    They support you in everything you do and it’s time to show them you appreciate it. In other words, stop being selfish. The only bump in the road will be with your friends, but for once this isn’t your fault. Be patient and all will straighten out.


    August Horoscope 2017: What to expect for the next two weeks
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    Mercury is working hard in your financial sector later this month, while Venus is being disruptive in your home life. This means your finances should receive a nice boost, as long as you’re working for it. Nothing comes for free, sorry, and you’re going to have to put the effort in.

    Use your mental attitude to envisage what you want and where you want to be. Mercury is paying attention and is in the mood to deliver, so open your arms.

    Unfortunately things won’t be so positive in your relationship, where Venus is causing havoc. There could be some serious issues for some Virgos here and it could even prove disastrous.

    It’s up to you whether you think this is something worth fighting for, or whether it’s time to let go.


    August Horoscope 2017: What to expect for the next two weeks
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    Venus is looking to cause disruption and give you something of a kick up the butt this month.

    Though this will mean ripples in your house, Saturn and Mars will be working together as a force to stop too much damage.

    In the last days of August you’ll need to concentrate at work and put all your energy into focusing on the task in hand. Do this well and there’ll be rewards waiting for you at the very end the month. D

    ue to the pull and tug going on in your house, your personal life will feel complex. You’ll find yourself worrying about what your friends think of you and you’ll suffer some paranoia.

    Pull yourself to together, Libra and stop being such a sap. This is all artificial and only going on in your own head, so try to relax and let the feeling pass.


    August Horoscope 2017: What to expect for the next two weeks
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    Like many signs this month, you have Venus doing her mischief and the moon shining positive light and energy on you, meaning there’s some positive and some negative in your August.

    There could be some confusion, especially at work, as the moon tries to compensate for Venus by giving you what you want…when this might not really be what you want. Get it? B

    e careful what you wish for, because if you’re sick of your job and wish you could leave…you may find yourself on the outs. Think through what you really want and what you actually need.

    At home, don’t rise to any bait and stay calm even in the face of the worst provocation. If you accept a fight this month it could have consequences you don’t like.


    August Horoscope 2017: What to expect for the next two weeks
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    Venus is in a mischievous mood with almost all the signs this month and you’re not special Sagittarius, but Mercury and Jupiter will be working against her in your house to try to keep the peace.

    At work they will achieve this and you’ll find your professional life is calm and stable. Now would be a great time to push yourself forward and reach for more. Be confident and show what you can do, but don’t get too carried away and let your ego loose.

    At home Venus will manage to cause some tension and you’ll feel like your partner is holding you back at times.

    You want to work on your own personal improvement, and that’s great, but don’t forget that your priorities aren’t the same as theirs. Talk things over and they’ll understand how important this is to you.


    August Horoscope 2017: What to expect for the next two weeks
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    The moon, Mars, and Saturn are all on your side this month, shining positive light on your life, with only Jupiter in the negative corner.

    In your working life the advice is to keep your head down and get on with what you have to do. Now is not the time for pushing yourself forward and getting too much attention, no matter how much you love attention. The negative energy from Jupiter will make this go sour and you could end up with the attention being on all the wrong aspects of what you do.

    The story is pretty similar at home, where there’ll be arguments and conflicts in your family that you shouldn’t get involved in. Try to live a quiet uneventful August and you’ll emerge from it with a smile on your face.


    August Horoscope 2017: What to expect for the next two weeks
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    Mars and Mercury will both change their natural position in your house later this month, and will be in full support of you.

    Your main enemy in late August will be your own emotions and mental state, and you’ll have to work hard to bring yourself up from this.

    Your work life will be stable and even though you’ll feel pressured and stressed, the reality is there’s no need to be. You can afford to work calmly this month without worry, so get some perspective.

    In your personal relationships you’ll be the one who is over emotional and often not thinking straight. Who? You? Your partner will have their work cut out and if you can, try to remember their feelings and what this is like for them.

    Yes, Aquarius, it could be pretty s**t to be around you right now. Be careful you don’t say anything you might regret, and don’t be too demanding.


    August Horoscope 2017: What to expect for the next two weeks
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    Although Mercury is a force for good in your house this month, like most of the signs, you’ll have to suffer Venus and her mischievous behaviour.

    The end of August will be quiet and a bit boring at work for you, and this will cause you to get irritable and frustrated. If you’re not careful this will, in turn, cause problems.
    Your mood will continue at home, and though your partner is supportive and wants to help you’re best left alone at the moment.

    If you can persuade them that you need some space without it sounding alarming, you’ll be able to centre yourself again and let go of your bad mood.

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