Anna Duggar Might Finally Divorce Josh Duggar


    After standing by her man when it was revealed that Josh Duggar is an incestuous child molester, and then again after he was outed as an online pussyhound who fucked God knows how many women while railing about gays ruining the sanctity of marriage, it wasn’t hard to understand why Anna Duggar stuck around: She’s been goddamn brainwashed her whole life to take a man’s shit because she’s just the baby oven/24-7 fuck doll. It’s all she knew.

    But then something truly miraculous happened. Anna had conversations with people who aren’t part of an insane baby-farming cult, and these rational human beings went, “Jesus Christ, lady, those kid-poopers are using you. RUN, BITCH.” Via Daily Mail:

    The final straw for Anna, who supported Josh through the molestation and cheating scandals, porn addiction, and stint in religious rehab, was reportedly when ‘new friends’ reached out to her to express concern over her position in the pious family.
    They thought that Anna, who had discussed her dedication to Josh on the family’s new series Counting On, was being used as a ‘puppet’ and a tool with which to try and improve their son’s image.
    ‘They were horrified that she’d been persuaded to talk on-camera about Josh, and then wheeled out with the children, looking like everything was fine,’ a source said.

    On top of that, apparently the lawsuit filed by the guy whose pictures Josh Duggar used on his online dating profiles is going to dig up even more shit:

    Sources suggest that the lawsuit could reveal even more unpleasant secrets about the Duggar family, reasoning that, as such, Anna has ‘never been in a better position to divorce Josh than now.’
    Should she feel so inclined, sources said that Anna could form leverage against the powerful family with the deposition of Josh’s suit, since she could potentially reveal ‘secrets that could destroy the whole family.’
    Jim Bob and Michelle have allegedly already advised the entire family that any one of them could be called to the deposition and asked about Josh’s adulterous past and the molestation of his sisters.

    And while all of this sounds entirely reasonable. I’m going to assume the first night Josh came home from rehab was the exact moment Anna knew it was time to zip up the baby chute and make a run for it.

    *hops in bed* “So, wow, that was crazy, right? Ah well, time to have sex with me or you’re going to hell.”

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