20 heart-warming pictures of animals in the snow


    20 heart-warming pictures of animals in the snow
    Who doesn’t love a cute animal in the snow? (Picture: Getty)

    There’s nothing in life more heart-warming than adorable pictures of animals.

    20 adorable cockapoos to brighten your day

    Except, perhaps, adorable pictures of animals in the snow.

    Pure white snow is something that photographers love to capture and snapping wildlife frolicking in the flurries or cuddling up against the chill is enough to thaw even the coldest of hearts.

    It’s the animals’ reactions to snow that makes for such brilliant imagery; some are equipped to deal with the cold and others find it a shock to the system.

    From wild animals like polar bears and penguins, to domestic cats and dogs, here are 20 pictures of animals in the snow that will fill your heart with warmth.

    1. This cute chick who looks like a real life Mumble

    2. This polar bear family snuggling in the snow

    3. This squirrel and bird having a staring contest

    4. This lovely lil’ fella who loves winter adventures

    5. This Rudolf who’s dancing at the thought of seeing Santa

    6. This newborn harp seal smiling for the camera

    7. This pup with snow on his nose

    8. This tiny mouse taking a peek outside

    9. This flying squirrel who jumped at just the right moment

    10. These parents who have so much love for their chick

    11. These happy pooches running through the snow

    12. These young lovers going for a wintery stroll

    13. This guilty looking chipmunk

    14. This fluffy arctic fox who blends perfectly into its surroundings

    15. These powerful creatures playing around

    16. This baby polar bear hitching a ride

    17. This photo that looks like it could be a painting

    18. This sweet duo sharing a tender moment

    19. This cat that doesn’t realise it’s not a dog

    20. This cheeky squirrel who fancies himself the next David Bailey

    One more for luck you say? Oh go on then.

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