14 things Muslims really want everyone to be clear on


    14 common misconceptions Muslims want clearing up
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    Muslim redditors are sharing what they believe to be the most common misconceptions society has about Islam and Muslims.

    With a rise in xenophobic attacks against Muslims and other minorities since the EU referendum, and with whatever’s happening in America with Trump, it seems pretty legit to think that a lot of us actually might not understand as much as we think.

    1. Arabs = Muslims? Nope

    Not every Muslim is an Arab, and not every Arab is a Muslim




    2. Muslims come in every size, shape and colour

    There are white Muslims too, I’m from Bosnia and we’re a predominately white Muslim country



    3. It’s an independent identity, not a synonym

    Here in Italy, the words Muslim, Arab, Islamist, Moroccan, Tunisian, Middle Eastern are synonyms. That’s pretty sad, and a big signal about our ignorance.



    4. Not everyone spends their time studying Islam

    A lot of people talk about Muslims as if they study the Quran extensively and know every law and supplication. In reality, when I look at the people trying to argue against Islam, I feel like they know more about my religion than I actually do…




    5. Terrorists are criminals, not Muslims

    We see the idiots blowing themselves up and killing people like an American looks at gang violence or shooting sprees. We’re embarrassed, ashamed, but at the same time exasperated that these are the same feelings out fathers had to deal with.

    The ones doing these insane acts of violence are the poor, uneducated, often victims to God-knows-what kind of horror. Most of us are just trying to keep our families safe and make it through the airport without some extreme search and questioning because of our skin tone or name.



    6. A load of violent quotes are taken out of context

    The fact that a lot of the ‘violence promoting verses’ that are taken from Quran are taken out of context. For example: The Quran calls all non-believers ‘the worst of beasts’. Now read the actual paragraph and the circumstances it applied to:

    ‘Verily, the worst of beasts in the sight of God are those who conceal (the truth), and do not acknowledge it. These are those whom you have made a peace treaty with, but they break their treaty at every opportunity and have no fear of the law.’ (Quran 8:55-56)



    7. Hijabs aren’t necessarily a sign of oppression

    Assuming someone who wears a hijab is just an oppressed bird isn’t going to get them to take the hijab off, it’s going to piss them off. Let them discover the world but don’t treat us like backwards cavemen.



    8. Bits of the Quran and the Bible are similarly out of date

    Nobody seems to compare the Quran to the Bible properly. It has ancient rules / laws in it that have no place in modern society, just like the Bible. But for some reason, the ones in the Bible are forgotten, whereas the ones in the Quran are brought forward every time there’s an argument to show how barbaric it is.



    9. More Muslims have been killed by terrorists than non-Muslims

    ISIS kills more Muslims than non-Muslims. I’m an American-Syrian that has had family killed by the group but I’ve been called a member of ISIS. Sometimes it’s jokingly, but do you know how much that hurts?



    10. Islam and Islamism are completely different

    There’s a difference between Islam (one of three Abrahamic religions) and Islamism (a political ideology that wants to incorporate orthodox religious thought into the functions of state and society).

    Wheres_The_Pepsi and allchestnolegs88


    11. Those who are waiting for their 72 virgins might be waiting a long time

    There’s no passage in the Quran about 72 virgins. That comes from a weak hadith (religious report). The idea comes from rejected revisionist theories of Islam.



    12. Islam promotes women’s rights

    It is forbidden in Islam to deny women their rights. A lot of Islamic countries break this – it’s important to distinguish the country from Islam. Look at Moses’ story – he met his future wife while she and her sister were herding sheep and getting water from a well which was far from her house. Today in Saudi Arabia a women can’t even drive to a corner store.

    PythonMasterRace and is_not_paranoid 


    13. There’s no hate between Islam, Christianity and Judaism

    We as Muslims believe in other religions, especially Christianity and Judaism. And we believe Jesus and Moses are prophets from God. We are told in the Quran to respect and love these prophets and those who follow them, and we have NOTHING against Jews.



    14. And then there’s this tweet which has now been shared over 55,000 times by Muslims around the world. 

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